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Interested in ordering prints? 

Each photograph is able to be ordered online in a variety of materials and shipped to your door. Each sale helps support my mission in promoting tourism and conservation of natural areas.

(Left) is a series of photographs ordered online from the Eclipse in 2017 from a fellow arctic traveler's office.

The prints are handled by a separate company - If there are issues regarding the delivery (damaged goods, late shipping) please contact me, or the contact provided in the shipment so we can take care of your issue.

Thank you for taking the time to view some of my previous work!

Arctic Prints | Svalbard, Norway

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Eclipse | Hopkinsville, Kentucky USA

Equestrian & Horse Photography | Kentucky & Texas USA

Waterfalls | Kentucky USA

I'm happy that you have made it this far and are interested in seeing more prints! I have more galleries coming soon, they just need to be curated. I am currently redesigning the website, so please be patient as more come soon.