It's easy to become bored with landscapes - even new and exotic ones.
Formula for decent landscape photography = mountains + cool light + extra variable (idk, water, people, etc.) Each new landscape we see gets added to our brain's catalog of "things we've seen before.""

It becomes boring to the viewer.

It becomes boring to the photographer.

This series is made to, quite literally, turn that idea on its head - to get people to see landscapes as patterns, shapes, and moods in abstraction. During the process of editing these, I remember feeling excitement. Playing around with the native elements in the original photographs was a unique exploration itself. They weren't concrete objects anymore, they have movement. The process was fun, and while it looks like simple flipping, blending all of the elements into a quasi believable piece had it's challenges. I hope you all enjoy this project as much as I did making it. 

 Oh, hey, I used photoshop for this one (a lot more liberally than any of my other work). For all intents and purposes, my original photos have color corrections, small light adjustments, maybe some sharpness adjustments - nothing that is wildly different than what is in the camera. If this concerns you at all, well, I'd love to share the  originals :)

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